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AR Geotechnical Engineering, Ltd. is a Canadian consulting firm that was founded in 2007.

We provide geotechnical, environmental, material engineering and structural services for the South/Central Alberta and Saskatchewan region, with our primary focus being in Medicine Hat and surrounding areas. For further information on who we are and what we do please check our About Us page.

Ayoub Ramadan, P.Eng.

Ayoub completed his Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering in 1996 from Ryerson University. His experience includes numerous foundation investigations and designs for a range of projects, including: industrial facilities, commercial office and warehouses, water retention and control structures, and wind-turbines. Ayoub has also conducted roadway improvement investigations for projects ranged from local residential roadways to provincial highways.

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ARGEO staff provides value to each of our clients by being responsive, proactively working with the project team to solve problems, providing services that are above expectations in an atmosphere of common purpose with our clients and maintaining the project budget and schedule.